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Data & Communications


The speed of your business depends on the speed of your network!

In a rapidly advancing information age, it is critical to install the correct communications infrastructure. Structured Cabling Solutions allow the user to install information outlets that can transmit voice, data and a host of other services to the desk top.


Scorpion Electrical Solutions can provide you with a future proof cabling system to meet your data communications system requirements for years to come. We have a long history working in many diverse environments including copper twisted pair, optical fibre, local area networks and computer room design.


So weather is a single phone point in your house or a complex structured cabling system you can trust our team to get it right the first time.


Below is a list of the communications cabling solutions we provide;


-         Cat5e

-         Cat6

-         Cat7

-         Shielded Systems

-         Fibre Optic Cabling

-         Cable Testing to the Latest Standards

-         Voice Systems

-         Network Design and Implementation

-         Telephone Cabling


Don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us to further discuss your specific requirements.

Secure your peace of mind with SES

It's easy to give a plethora of attention to growing your business and forget about protecting your business. The same can be true for your family. Providing for them is one thing, however protecting them is another. Both are crucial, and the time to act is now. Whether it's your home or your business, security systems help protect the things and people most valuable to you. From wired alarms to camera systems, Scorpion Electrical Solutions can install a security system that's right for you.

Our Edmonton electrician company offers many electronic security system options for you to:


-        Deter crime

-        Detect fire and smoke

-        Provide insurance benefits

-        Decrease emergency response time

-        Aid in criminal capture

-        Protect property whether occupied or vacant

Whatever your networking needs are, we can help you plan and implement a solution that works for your space and budget. It may seem as if we live in a wireless world, but data cables actually remain the true foundation and backbone for our lifestyle.


Call 780 970 0718 to make sure your network foundation is strong!

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