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A contract with SES can save you money!

No matter what your industry, you can't afford to waste your time and money into an endless string of "one-time," electrical service calls. Nor can you afford the production costs of electrical failure.

A service contract with Scorpion Electrical Solutions solves both problems. As your Edmonton electrician, our contracts offer:


-        A more economical solution than paying for individual electrical jobs

-        Protection against unforeseen shutdowns

-        Regular service check-ups to eliminate potential problems



Regardless of your company's electrical problems, a service contract with our business can benefit both you and your company in the future. Our contract includes various electrical services, including:


-        General Factory or Show Room Maintenance - including preventive/predictive maintenance and recovery planning

-        Lighting Maintenance - including fluorescent, HID, LED and incandescent systems

-        Control System Maintenance - including replacements and new installations

-        Power Maintenance - including motor control centers


Whether you need full-time or periodic maintenance, a contract with Scorpion Electrical Solutions meets your electrical needs in a reliable, cost-effective way. Call 780 970 0718 to speak with a contract expert today. You won't regret this investment!

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